blacklists over half of the dragon age fandom

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→Titan in red as requested by martin-teague

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For some reason, over 2000 lovely people have decided to follow me.
So I’ve decided to have my very first giveaway! Yaaay!
Seeing as my talents are cooking and baking, and the odd gif and edit, I asked the boyfriend to draw something for the winners.
There will be 3 winners, and I will contact them via ask/fanmail when the giveaway is over. If they do not respond within 24hours, I will pick new ones. The winners will be randomly picked.

The prizes are:

First prize: Full colour drawing of one character of your choice.
Second prize: Full flat colour of a character of your choice.
Third prize: Line art of a character of your choice.

The rules are as follow:

- Only people who follow me, new and old alike. (Although I would be a sad puppy if you only follow for the chance of pretty arts)
- No giveaway blogs. I will check.
- 2 entries max: one like and one reblog.
- The giveaway ends on Saturday, 9th of August.

Good luck everyone, and thanks for following me! :)

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"can i ask you something?" my immediate reply says “go for it" but my mind has already gone through the seven stages of grief

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permenant Vivienne WIP. her awesomeness defeated me :o

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funquisitor replied to your post: I LOVE THE WAY THE DIDGERIDOO SOUNDS S…

omfg so get this my bestie owned a didgeridoo when i was a kid and i asked if i could play it and her mom was like yea so i did and i just yelled ITS ;IKE A DRAGON FART


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Production DesignPan’s Labyrinth (2006)

After doing work in Hollywood on other movies and with other directors, working in our original language in different scenery brings me back to the original reasons I wanted to make movies, which is basically to tell stories with complete freedom and to let the visuals really contribute to the telling of the story. - Guillermo Navarro, director of photography; P.D. by Eugenio Caballero

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