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gdi andrew now /i/ just have a lot of feelings about nolan


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omg also: nolan + nature; nolan + dance; nolan + parents
  • Nolan + Nature

Nolan was one of those kids that just wanted to bring every scrap of nature he could into the house because he loved the outside so much. Insects, reptiles, frogs, leaves, flowers, rocks. One time he even walked in the front door with a nug in his arms. No one knows where he even got it and he won’t tell anyone. He just had this nug.

  • Nolan + Dance

This one lady asked Nolan to dance at one of the 2930423048 nobility parties he had to attend once the Hawkes/Amells had a name for themselves in Kirkwall again. He ended up stepping on her dress and it nearly tore in half. Don’t ask Nolan to dance.

  • Nolan + Parents

Nolan didn’t get the chance to bond with Malcolm as much because his father was always so busy with Bethany and Aisling. When Bethany later tells Nolan that he had been “his scoundrel” and was proud of him, it was a very emotional moment for him because a lot of his and his father’s relationship had been left unsaid.

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I really like the bird one… also god I really want to see Kaidan trying to deal with teaching him shopping

he would have to write very specific lists for him it would be awhile before he’d be able to expect alexus to bargain hunt or just know what brands to get and what brands not to get

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cash + mornings; cash + music; cash + bugs
  • Cash + Mornings

Cash insists on getting up at the goddamn asscrack of dawn despite the fact he is straight up the walking dead in the morning, at least until he’s had way too much coffee. That he doesn’t need. Because he’s already high strung as it is. The last thing he needs is more energy.

  • Cash + Music

Cash will sing in the car with the top down at the top of his lungs, really terribly despite the fact he’s actually sorta decent at singing, if someone is in the car with him. Just to embarrass them. Hell he’ll belt out his favorite song in the car if no one is with him and not even care. It’s just extra fun when someone is there to make miserable.

  • Cash + Bugs

If it didn’t mean ruining his floors, walls, furniture, whatever, Cash would remove these pests from his home with a shotgun. Instead he elects to taser them out of spite.

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"But, Father, I wasn’t REALLY going to kill him"

#aisling hawke

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Cash + cheeseburgers, Alexus + birds, Alexus + grocery shopping, Nolan + rainy days
  • Cash + Cheeseburgers

Cash cannot seem to get away from fucking cheeseburgers. Everyone loves them. Everyone insists on them. “No Johnny I am not eating a goddamn cheeseburger get that shit out of my face.” No love of burgers from Cash. Burger hater.

  • Alexus + Birds

Alexus would always watch people feed pigeons in the city he grew up in and enjoyed watching the birds because honestly there weren’t a lot of simple things he got the chance to take joy in in his childhood years. It’s a little depressing when you think about it though, people feeding the pigeons but not the starving child watching nearby.

  • Alexus + Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is something insanely foreign to Alexus. I mean, he didn’t exactly ever do it until after the war and his recovery. Kaidan has to teach him like he’s a baby teenager how to properly go grocery shopping.

  • Nolan + rainy days

One time, when he and Aisling were playing outside in the rain when they weren’t supposed to be, they got into one of their typical sibling lovetussles  that naturally got Way Too Rough and ended with little Aisling shoving little Nolan’s face into a puddle and damn near drowning him. When Leandra saved him all he could do was laugh about it in between choking on mud and gasping for air.

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Dude the gamecube sucked
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send me a character + thing if you wanna know my headcanon for them and that thing

ex: molly hayes + sleeping

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when you want to name an oc a name 

but that name belongs to someone you hate with a fiery passion so it’s ruined and tainted forever


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A coffee pot can be a coffee mug if you just don’t fucking care


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